Saturday, 25 January 2014

Happy New Year

Hello. It's been so long since my last post.
I hope you had a very Happy Christmas with lots of good times with your family. My Christmas was strange without my lovely Mum who I miss so much.

We had power-cuts and were cut off from getting to arranged get togethers on certain days because of road closures caused by flooding. But it was nice to see most of the family and to be cosy warm and dry inside and listen to the rain thrashing uncontrollably outside and burning christmassy smelling candles. Hooray signs of spring are awakening with bulbs pushing their pretty little faces to say hello. The cockerels are frisky and my little hens I'm sure are thinking of making little nests in the sweet smelling hay cut from last years flower enriched meadows.
Well this last couple of weeks we've had a lovely surprise in the goose house a perfect oval white egg and more over the last few days, they might not be gold but they are so good to find. I have made goose custard and apple and cinnamon cake. Blowing the eggs beforehand to decorate for Easter. Traditionally a goose will not lay until Valentine's day, so clever girl or girls.So we have a new addition to the orchard a lovely handsome gander who will hopefully produce some lovely little goslings, they will keep the grass down in the old and new orchard and keep his ladies happy as he escorts them on their waddles around the meadow.
This weekend we have been outside cutting hedges and removing brambles around the garden, to keep it tidy. I have been pruning the gooseberries and currant bushes and planting the cuttings in the intensive care bed so we can try and make some fruit hedges.
We also have bought a Stella cherry tree, she will keep the other trees company in the old orchard with I am sure will be dressed in her lovely pink blossom and will be enchanting and will attract lots of lovely bees and wildlife. Well do visit me here in the orchard it's always good to hear what adventures you are having and I will let you know what is happening in our part of the world.