Things I like

Gardening, Growing Vegetables and Flowers, Baking and Cooking, Eating and Drinking, My Nespresso Coffee machine, Chocolate Button Sandwiches, The Smell of Fresh Bread,  Friends, Family get togethers, My Grandchildren, Crochet, Knitting, Applique, Quilting, Machine Embroidery, Drawing and Painting, Reading a good Book and Watching a good Film, Good Music - Clifford T Ward, Soft Furnishing, Chickens, Geese, ducks, Sheep, Wildlife and much much more which I will add to often.


  1. Oh, most of these things we like both! I also live in the country with my family having a horse, cats, dogs, hens and a goose:)

  2. Sarah, I just read your profile and was interested to know where you live. Also thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I haven't been on much lately as this is a busy time of year trying to get ready for spring.

  3. Dearest Sarah,
    What a delight it is to read all about your life on your farm! You are, truly, living the good life! You have surrounded yourself with all things that are wholesome. As, you describe your homeplace, I am reminded of my childhood visits to my Grampa and Gramma's farm on the coast of Oregon. Oh, how I treasured those happy times embraced by the smell of cookies baking, roosters crowing and running through the pasture picking tiny flowers along the way.
    Thank you for visiting my "Chenille Cottage" blog and becoming a friend.


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Sarah xx