Thursday, 16 February 2017

Valentines Day

What a lovely day we had in the Orchard. Taking our frothy, hot cappuccinos along with us while we walked around the fresh green fields. It was a chilly day but being well wrapped up we stayed warm and cosy. The little lambs tail catkins swaying in the breeze on the branches and the bursting buds of daffodils emerging shows that spring is waking up, after its long winter sleep. It was good to just have a day together planning ahead for the garden planting while eating our yummy valentine chocolates.
I hope you had a good happy romantic day.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Happy Days in 2017


I hope you're all having a good year so far and wish you happiness and fun in 2017.

I have been away from my blogging for far too long and look forward to catching up with you in the Orchard and reading your lovely blogs.

Last year was another difficult year, losing my dear Dad suddenly in March. My comfort is knowing my mum and dad are together now. I miss them both immensely.

Life in the Orchard is very wet here today with so much rain. But the good of it is yesterday we planted 2 baby apple trees and a lovely dark flowering cherry tree (that Stuart was given to him for his birthday), in the new Orchard after waiting for the heavy frosts to lift and the ground to warm.

Friday was spent at the sewing machine making nets for a safe bird flu protective compound for the geese.

They now have plenty of space to bathe and splash, hay to nest and a grazing area. They seem to love it and we should start seeing some wonderful eggs soon.

The hens are in a safe compound at the edge of the Orchard with activity feeders and pots of yoghurt to occupy them. While they are confined to restrictions by the government due to bird flu precautions.

The sheep are doing well and the ewes are now hopefully expecting some gorgeous lambs.

Well it's been good to write to you all again. Take care.

Sarah x