Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Days

Well Hello
Sorry to leave it so long to get back. Life has been happy- busy with the delight of laughter of little children in our house. Yes the grandchildren arrived from Australia our robust little 4 year old grand-son with all the excitement of new things such as snow falling on the night he arrived and making cup-cakes and gingerbread people with grandma. Seeing our grand-daughter all pink ribbons and curls looking truly like a real life cherub, for the first time.
While they were here the icing on the cake was our son getting married the day was just perfect, they both looked amazing, its days like this that you never want to end and will always put a smile on our faces. But alas the grand-children have now gone back home and I cant help but think if there had been more time I could have done this or that with them, while I wipe little finger-prints from no higher than 3 ½ ft. The same day the happy couple flew out on their honeymoon, being a parent means letting go of your children to let them lead their own lives and to live their own dreams. We distracted ourselves by walking around our small-holding planning all the good things we are about to do this year. I can’t wait to get started.

Valentines Day

Food and drink for the one I love xx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Cold, The Moon and Sweet Potatoes

 Well just thought I would say a quick hello. Its been another bitterly cold day again and the temperature is -3 at the moment. The moon earlier this evening was like a ball of fire and seemed so close, it was a perfect full moon. Just thinking about the gardeners that plant by the moon! What are your thoughts and have you tried it? I would love to know.
Yesterday I put my supermarket bought sweet potatoes in a jam-jar pointed end down covered to about one third of water. I was reading they should sprout quite quickly and then they can be planted later outside in the ground, growing vines and producing plenty of tasty sweet potatoes. I will keep you all posted on how they are doing. Well hot milk and  time to curl up with the latest edition of Country Living magazine. All for now speak soon.

Shadow and Mittens

Thursday, 2 February 2012


My latest knitting project

Good things

Well hello what a lovely crisp frost today. My sweetpea seedlings that I planted in the Autumn are baring up in the greenhouse. I usually plant them in the Spring but thought this time I would give it a go earlier for a head start. I also planted lettuce seeds about the same time but they are very tiny so I gave them to the chickens, they gobbled them up super quick and must of thought what a treat.
I have today marzipaned my sons wedding cake and plan to ice it very soon as he is getting married in a few weeks time.
We are all very excited as our daughter and son-in-law are arriving tomorrow from Australia, we havent seen her for 3 years and we are meeting our grand-daughter for the 1st time and will be seeing our little grandson again.
I have started knitting a little striped hooded jacket for my other lovely grandson who was born on Christmas day. I am using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in the pale blue and cream.
Well I am just starting to get used to my way around the blog thankyou for popping by.