Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Christmas Surprise

Firstly I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and New Year. It's been so long since I have written and life like everybody's is very hectic. We now have another gorgeous granddaughter who arrived very late and then very promptly last month. But I felt I must write and let you all know what has been happening in the orchard and to say that I haven't by any means forgotten you. I will have many new posts to share with you in the new year. I lost one of my little bantams and was sure she had come to a sad end. But surprise in one of the little hutches  that was being disused for winter. A wonderful sound of little cheeping could be heard and to our amazement their was my clever little bantam with 7 little chicks all fluff up, 2 little black ones and 5 little yellow ones. The weather has been very mild although we have had a couple of severe frosts she will have been very cosy though in her little rabbit hutch.

Life seems full of happy and sad days, l lost my very friendly Mr. Goose last week he seemed to be struggling when walking, seemed to be getting better and then went downhill very quickly. His ladies miss him and have been abit naughty particularly one, when going to bed at night. I think they just miss him. I felt quite a bond with him and he would follow me around the orchard always being friendly never aggressive. I will now have to find another handsome boy for them.