Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Cold, The Moon and Sweet Potatoes

 Well just thought I would say a quick hello. Its been another bitterly cold day again and the temperature is -3 at the moment. The moon earlier this evening was like a ball of fire and seemed so close, it was a perfect full moon. Just thinking about the gardeners that plant by the moon! What are your thoughts and have you tried it? I would love to know.
Yesterday I put my supermarket bought sweet potatoes in a jam-jar pointed end down covered to about one third of water. I was reading they should sprout quite quickly and then they can be planted later outside in the ground, growing vines and producing plenty of tasty sweet potatoes. I will keep you all posted on how they are doing. Well hot milk and  time to curl up with the latest edition of Country Living magazine. All for now speak soon.


  1. Hi Sarah, just popped in to have a nosey. Look forward to hearing about your journey :)

  2. Hi Mo and Steve
    Many thanks for your comment. Hope you have success with your goosegogs and other newly purchased fruit plants. Let us know how you get on?

  3. I'm trying sweet potatoes this year, too, although I think our growing season is too short! Can't hurt to try, though, right? ;)

  4. How are you sprouting yours? Some say you should cut them into slices and plant, others to soak them in water.Have yours got any leaves on yet? Mine only have roots in water at present.Good luck with them.


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