Monday, 28 April 2014

I Will Survive

Miss Broody with her baby chicks- Saturday morning

Saturday early morning my best little broody mother hen hatched out 2 fluffy yellow chicks. She's a good old girl and will sit on anything when she has sweet wild flower meadow hay and the April downpours arrive. She basically doesn't like getting her little feet wet or muddy. She is an excellent protective mother has hatched a number of baby chicks, has taken over as foster Mum with the ducks and in the past has hatched 2 goslings.
Anyway this time she didn't know if to sit or play outside and was in out, in out all the time, so I left her in the main house rather than put her in the maternity ward. Anyway after lots of too-ing and fro-ing she decided she was going to sit on 2 eggs, she also decided to poach (sorry wrong word) take a few of eggs from the next nest box, beside her. Anyway to cut a long story a bit shorter by Saturday afternoon while we were out she decided to abandon the 5 remaining eggs, when we got back they were stone cold. We candled them and some looked quite clear. But 2 were quite full so we decided to give them ago in the incubator. This morning we picked them up to bury them and cheep cheep one was peeping at mid-day a little wet chick emerged. I can't see any peeping in the second egg but will give it another 48 hours. So what do I do now? Put her under miss broody tonight or do I become mum?
We have called her Kylie, why?  after her song I should be so Lucky. If the other hatches she will be called Gloria after the song and title. Any ideas if they are cockerels?  Life is full of surprises. Sorry about the quality of the photos but they weren't easy to take and had to be taken instantly.
Have a super week.
Sarah xx

Lucky - newly hatched in the incubator 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Wishing you all a lovely Easter

Hello Friends
Just to wish you all a lovely Easter from us all in the orchard. I hope it is a special time with lots of good memories and fun for you all in your parts of the world. Everything in the orchard is bursting with life with lots of flowers and blossom. We heard the first cuckoo of the year yesterday and the first nightingales last weekend. My little hens are enjoying the sunshine and dust bathing below the apple, pear and plum trees. The sheep are in the orchard with the chickens and are getting on really well although baby Cherry lamb enjoys chasing them. She now has her jewellery in place (ear tags) and her tail is just hanging by a thread.
Here are a few pictures of around the farm.
Sarah x

Wallflowers that smell divine

Comfrey that make a wonderful natural fertiliser

Stocks that smell gorgeous

One of my favourites Scabiousa

The lovely Anenome

2 of my girls enjoying the Spring grass

Little Cherry - her tail hanging on by a thread

Bluebells popping up in the meadows fields and wood

Shadow and Mittens asleep in the sunshine

Monday, 14 April 2014

Easter Chicks

These are the little mixed chicks hatched in the incubator they are now 3 weeks old and doing well. There are 12 altogether.
Yesterday as it was nice and warm they had there first trip outside in the orchard. I put them in a indoor rabbit cage within a cold frame so that they were nice and warm and not in a draught for a few hours. They really seemed to enjoy flapping their tiny wings. It is so good for them to be in the fresh air as it encourages feather growth. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mrs Goose

This is Mrs Goose she is a Embden about a year old. She has been happily laying eggs for over 2 months now. Usually she enjoys having a bath on her own stretching her wings, but the last few weeks she has been allowing Mr Goose to mate with her while taking her morning bath and between them making alot of waves and splashing.
She has now decided over the last few weeks to bury her eggs in a large nest which they have built together with meadow sweet hay and their tummy feathers. She is now sitting on 17 eggs which the other 2 geese help egg sit while she has a walk around the orchard and has her bath, a tasty nibble of lush green grass and the odd treat of apples and mixed corn. Walking in the orchard by the goose house a peculiar noise can be heard as she spends hours just turning her eggs.
So hopefully towards the beginning of May more babies will be arriving. I will keep you all posted if they hatch.