Saturday, 2 May 2015

Happy Bank Holiday and Blossom in the Orchard

Wishing you a lovely bank holiday weekend with lots of fun and memorable good times.
The Old Orchard blossom is absolutely amazing with many shades of pink. One of the trees is ancient with a hollow trunk, that has weathered over the years but has very bent branches and many holes in them. It is absolutely alive with many pairs of Blue-tits nesting, bugs, little self-seeding weeds and lichen.The flowers on the apples trees tend to start with tightly dark pink buds and as they shyly open their delicate petals appear paler. Most look as though somebody has gently stroked the edges of their petals with pink magical dust.
I woke up one morning early last week thinking it had been snowing as it was so cold. It was a white ornamental cherry tree outside our bedroom window with the most wonderful canopy of brilliant white blossom. The same tree has now lost all it petals and lays like confetti sprinkled on the ground. 
Here are just a few pictures captured the last few days.
Happy times!