Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I have taken lots of cutting of Erysimum (perennial wallflower- Boules Mauve) that have been very successful. Have you tried growing this lovely plant? It is the most cavalier plant that flowers supposedly from April to September but mine have flowered all year long even through the really cold spells. It worth giving it a go it is such a  cheery plant and looks good all year round but now with the season of purple and yellow it looks amazing with daffodils.


My sweet peas are growing fast a bit too fast as they are just starting to tangle. Yesterday I put some in a big tub with wigwam sticks in the greenhouse so hopefully I will have a lot of early summer colour ahead of previous years.

Newly transplanted Sweet-peas

In a bit of a tangle

My Nasturtiums have started to emerge which I intend to plant up the side of the girls hen- house to make it pretty. Which reminds me I must get hubby to do some interior design work inside their house no not Laura Ashley wallpaper and paint but a fancy new perch for them to have their mothers meetings on. Our hay always make them start to go broody so hay hay I going to start putting it back in now instead of straw (would you like to sit on straw when you could have the most sweetest smelling soft meadow hay.)  

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