Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Birthdays, Biscuits and Bunnies

Oh what clever girls

I hope you all had a Happy Easter. I had a really good time it was my birthday during the holiday, yes another year older and another day where I was spoilt by the special people in my life. It was a bitterly cold day, but with the sun making its debut first thing and a brilliant show of stars later in the sky in the evening, the day was just how a birthday should be. I had some lovely presents, breakfast in bed to start with which is a special treat. We had a trip to one of the local markets which was good to be able to buy local produce and chat with the stall-holders. A very tasty meal at a local traditional Pub with my lovely mum and dad. I spoke to goldilocks and the 3 bears (my daughter and 3 sons) throughout the day. Then had a leisurely evening watching some of my favourite programmes on the TV.

The next day I made lemon biscuits and wrapped them up as gifts for the family and friends. Made some bunnies out of curtain inter-lining, it makes them so soft and it is easy to dye. Just leave in cold tea overnight for a flesh tone. They are not dressed yet but I am working on making them some clothes.
Easter Sunday was a family get-together day with my sister and her husband and also our son and his wife (the newly weds)  came over for a good old Sunday roast leg of lamb. I also tried  a new recipe for Yorkshire Puddings they turned out wow - its a really good recipe. For those that would like to try it I have copied it out below for you. I know it seems a lot of eggs but it really does work.

Yorkshire Pudding Recipe 
260g Plain Flour
1/2 Pint of Milk
6 eggs
Cooking oil to put in muffin tin

Put everything in a mixing bowl
Whizz with a hand blender
Strain through a sieve
In a muffin tin fill all sections except for the middle 2 with a small amount of cooking oil. Let it get smoking hot in the oven. Then add your mixture filling up to the rim. Go and have a nice cup of tea for about 20-35 mins. Open the oven door and hopefully everyone will say wow. ENJOY
Oven Temp 200c

Lovely presents

My little Easter display

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  1. Love your photos; looks like Spring; it is snowing here.


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