Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Weekend

The weekend has been good. We have got the asparagus bed edging in place, we just need more sand and top soil to give them the best possible chance. I suppose its a bit like sheets and blankets to them with fertilizer being their breakfast in bed. We have put in Red Baron and White Sturgeon onions and more garlic which I have started in the greenhouse in little plugs pots, I find this works quite well as the cheeky birds dig them up. I have planted more lettuce and carrots. I didn’t know you could start to grow carrots in pots, but that’s what some gardeners seem to do so I thought I would try this, it makes sense to have them  growing in pots first I suppose a a bit like children  in nursery school, rather than sending them straight in at the deep end to big school. I have transplanted courgette plants into old tin buckets to give it a rustic feel to the kitchen garden. I have blood, fish and boned my roses and rhubarb so it will be well watered in by the heavy down-pours.
Well I am sitting in the orchard while tea is cooking, writing this with the birds singing after a big rain shower. The smell is lovely, earthy and sweet as the cloud burst on the freshly cut grass and now the sun is shining and the meadow steaming. I am having difficulty writing this as Shadow one of the farm cats wants to play and demands my full attention for some strange reason when I sit at this bench.

Shadow waiting on the bench 

Well tea is ready so thank you for visiting me and I hope you have a good evening.
Take care.

PS Thought you might like to see these pictures that I took when we went for our walk yesterday morning. So you can share with me and see why I love our meadows and fields. 

Blossoms on a tree that we thought had died

One of my ladies

Celandines or Marsh marigolds


A lovely little corner of the hay meadow

Daisies I love these with the pink edged petals

Down by the dew pond in the meadow

Mitten joining us for a walk


  1. It looks idyllic where you live

    1. From your pictures you sound like you had a good day yesterday. It looks a grand house. Will pop in to see you soon.

  2. Lovely post Sarah. I have just become your latest follower. I can't believe that I had read your first posts and wondered why I hadn't seen you for ages. Now I know why, I hadn't clicked the 'follow button'. Nice to catch up again. Patricia

    1. Hi Patricia
      I love your blog and your pictures. I liked reading about your family and your ancestors. I too like visiting London,but am always pleased to get back home. Have a good week.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Little Pea
      Your chickens are lovely. I adore mine, they are such little characters and have their own little funny ways. Enjoy them and have fun.

  4. Beautiful blog. Glad I found you. Love Katie xx

    1. Glad you like my blog. Your pictures are lovely.

  5. so looking forward to learning all about hens, just about to get my own - am scared and excited in equal measure! x

    1. Hi Grace
      You will love having hens. Don't be scared they will become your friends and reward you with yummy eggs. Its like finding treasure when you collect their eggs.Happy times.

  6. Such beautiful pictures!!

    So happy to have you as a new follower.

    I'm now following you as well, and looking forward to reading your posts.

    What a lovely blog you have :)

  7. Dear Sarah,

    Your meadow is enchanting. My favourite picture is the first. I could stare at that delicous view for a long, long time. I really enjoyed your prose too and smelling the scents of nature too.

    Have a beautiful week. The weather here in France is so blustery and has taken April Showers to new extremes.


  8. Great blog!! Looking forward to following your veg garden, I'm starting one for the first time this year from seed and am keen to learn from others. How exciting to see blooms on the tree you thought didn't make it, gardens hope right there!! Love it! Cheers Julia

  9. Dearest Sarah,
    How very serene your meadow is...and, oh, that sweet kitty! We still have a few weeks of Spring left and I hold onto each day tightly.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming one of my sweet friends!


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