Sunday, 4 May 2014

Kylie, The Lucky Little Chick

This is a continuation from my last post. These  pictures were taken just a few days ago. Kylie has done really well in the incubator. She has fed and drunk well, is very perky, so we have taken her to the broody coop, put her in with her mum and her siblings. It was quite dark outside and immediately when she chirped Mum responded calling her. She joined the other little chicks under her fluffy protective wings, secure,  warm and cosy. Well hopefully all will be well and we have given her a
good chance.

A few pictures of little Kylie

Kylie has been with Miss Broody for few days now and all is well and seems to have been accepted as part of the family.

A happy Miss Broody hen, Kylie and her siblings


  1. Hi
    She is a very lucky little chick. Good to hear from you.


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