Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Life in the Orchard

Life here is a joy in the orchard everyday there are such pleasures with different colours of the rainbow mainly clear blue skies, wonderful fresh luxurious green grass with brilliant white daisy popping up their heads with bright yellow eyes to say hello. The pale delicate blossom with tissue paper thin petals that smells so sweet. Daffodils blowing their trumpets along the path, previously walked by badgers and deer. The first butterflies are emerging sunning themselves on the top branches. It is such a joy to visit the ladies in the orchard and being greeted with happy clucking and rewarded with eggs with sunshine centres. I sometimes still rush down to see them in the morning in my dressing gown and welly boots never open-toed shoes as they think my toes look rather tasty. Today they are in for a treat black-berries that I have found at the bottom of my freezer. I boil them up, strain them and then re-boil with sugar to taste. Let them cool down then swirl it through vanilla ice-cream then return to the freezer for awhile. Delicious and the girls have the pulp.

Mittens exploring


  1. A lovely post - you describe spring perfectly.

  2. Hi Elaine
    Many thanks for popping by and your nice comments. I love your pansies on your pages, such pretty colours.


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