Wednesday, 28 March 2012

In The Garden

In the garden we have made a new cottage border planting 2 Peony trees and lots of perennials. Sometimes when we have made new borders it is hard to get it right size height colour. I am awful at making decisions and now feel if we like, we try and give it a go, if the colour grows that way in nature then it’s got to be right. We have now decided to put a nice cottage looking trellis up and grow roses with strong scent and lovely flowers again what colour do I choose at the moment I quite fancy white or pale peachy orange. Have you got any ideas for me?

New Cottage Bed Still In The Making


  1. I like the colours white or light peach that would look good. B

  2. Hi Buttons
    Many thanks for your thoughts. Have a good trip sounds very exciting. Take care and bring back many happy memories.


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