Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Orchard

The orchard is just about to burst from bud to leaf especially the crab-apple and pear. The newly planted hedge is in leaf too – the daffodils are scattered in the meadows and hay field with Celandines and Primroses growing along-side the brook. Tadpoles are now wriggling and swimming in the dew pond. The two usual Magpies are getting ready to nest in the ancient Oak above the hen-house. Rabbits are playing hide and seek in the fields and the Blue-Tits are twittering in the old dead apple trees, busily taking little soft bedding including bits of Daisy’s moulting fur that had blow around the garden and little shreds of sheep’s wool.

Wild Daffodils (Lent Lilies)

Catkins (Lamb's Tails)

More Daffodils In The Hay Meadow

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