Saturday, 28 April 2012

Special Delivery

Hope you are all well. It has been another wet day. A good day to chat over cups of tea and coffee with biscuits in a warm kitchen with family and friends.
This week in the post I had a parcel arrive, it was lovely to receive it with 2 packets of special seeds in. Firstly, Chinese Asparagus Beans, these seeds are meant to grow to 6 feet tall and the beans themselves have a phenomenal growth rate of flower to bean in 2 weeks. The beans pods can grow 3 feet long (but better picked at 1 foot long for a good taste).
The other seeds are Purple Podded Peas that grow to 6 feet high, have very pretty flowers and are very tasty. I am hoping to get them tucked up in the seed compost tomorrow. Can't wait to see them grow, I will keep you posted.


  1. I hope you will post photos of your crop; sounds exciting.

    1. Hi Rita
      Good to hear from you. I will take lots of photos for you to see.

  2. Hi Sarah, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you are not in to awards then ignore it. If you would like to pursue it then link to my post
    and read the nice things I said about you. I made a point of only nominating blogs I read on a regular basis and stand out from the crowd. Sincerely, Sue

  3. How do you plant all these seeds without your chickens eating them, or at least digging them up first?!
    We have some meadow seed that we wanted to plant, but the chickens have already dug up the bulbs we put in recently... about to give up!!
    Do you cover them at all? Or keep your chickens somewhere else?!

  4. Hi Sarah, I've just found you and I'm delighted! I made the move to the countryside two years ago, and I'm still finding my feet when it comes to growing my own vegetables and keeping chickens - both of which i am desperate to do - I think that I'm still a bit too scared to take the plunge and do everything wrong! I will enjoy living vicariously through your amazing efforts though! lovely blog! Paula x

  5. Those beans sound amazing ... and kind of like Jack's magic beanstalk beans! I do hope you post pictures of the purple podded peas! They sound neat too! Glad I stopped in today! It's been a long while! The flowers in your meadows look beautiful!


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