Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Kitchen Garden

In the kitchen garden the vegetables are abundant and we are feasting on lots of beans, courgettes, beetroot, onions, radishes, chard, spinach, cucumber, purple podded peas, carrots and broad beans.Due to the wet weather the potatoes did catch blight but we still managed to have several rows of tasty new potatoes.  Life here in our orchard is still so exciting, we still have ups and downs but always try to remember that we are still privilege to own our little bit of paradise. Hope all your gardens are doing well. Please let me know how you are getting on and look forward to you visiting me in the orchard again.

Pumpkin flowers

Onions and lettuce

The brassica bed

The glorious flower of the purple podded peas


Runner Beans

Pumpkin and courgette bed

Sunflowers, beans and angelica

Salad bed

Kale and purple sprouting broccoli

The lovely apples getting bigger

The grass left long for the hens to play and rummage through


  1. Your gardens look magnificent! Love that the chickens can range around after the bugs and flies! I wish we could have some chickens, but my husband is a poop about them ... darn! Our gardens are doing great ... just spent an hour cutting up tomatoes and getting them in a big slow cooker to stew down to pizza sauce ... it seems that every other day I have to freeze beans or cook down tomatoes or bake zucchini bread to freeze ... I won't complain this winter, though, and from the looks of things neither will you!

  2. Beautiful pictures and interesting Blog.I invite you to visit and follow my blog of orchids. A greeting.



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Sarah xx