Monday, 28 October 2013

Windy, Wet and Wild

This weekend we've had our son and lovely little grandson around to visit us, he is coming up for two and is a very happy little boy, interested in everything , full of laughter and smiles. We actually gave him his birthday present as his birthday is on Christmas day, but we thought he could play with it here as he will have so many to open on Christmas day.
We then had our other son and his wife come over with the twinkles they are 12 weeks old now and both are adorable, they are both very alike in profile, the little girl being very fair and the little boy being very dark. Their mum and dad went for a walk around the fields and meadows while we enjoyed playing with them.
Sunday we woke up early and got up as we gained an extra hour due to the clocks changing and after bacon sandwiches it was a tidy up day or should I say tie down day. I took down my sweetpeas and runner beans also removed the courgette and white flowering cosmos. I had one of my little hens helping dig over the kitchen garden picking up little worms as we went along. My husband helped me take out the sweetcorn as it was very deeply rooted. We enjoyed these as a started for our Sunday roast dinner. We then had a cosy evening watching a film and my favourite Downton Abbey whilst outside the wind and rain played chase around the house.
It is now Monday morning and the sun is now shining with just the occasional gust. Well we still have our power so I fancy doing some cooking today.
Well I would love to hear about your weekend do let us know.
Have a good week, take care
Sarah x


  1. Hi Sarah, sounds as though you had a lovely weekend with your family - there's nothing like it is there. We went to London again, this time to the Tower of London and loved it. Not been there since I was a child. We were lucky too that we didn't lose any power through the storm which was not too bad. We lost a roof tile but no more damage.
    Patricia x

  2. Hi Patricia, I've never been to the Tower of London, I would like to go sometime. Unfortunately we did lose power for awhile, but all's well now.
    Have a good week. Sarah x


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