Sunday, 3 November 2013

Power cuts

Having thought we had escaped a power cut during the bad windy weather last Sunday night, we ended up losing all power from Monday morning until Wednesday morning. Having a house that is solely electric, life feels very cozy to begin with, but the novelty soon wears off when you can't cook, there's no hot water, no heating and it's very dark. But the worse thing was the worry that the freezer was defrosting, all that hard work in the kitchen garden, saving my plants from the rain, sun, snow, deer, rabbits and pigeons. Blanching and stewing all that hard work from hours of nurturing the seeds, tenderly caring for the delicate young plants and the back-breaking watering. Now to have that all destroyed would have been a crying shame, but luckily I only had a few things that had to be disposed off, which the chickens enjoyed.
My lovely husband took me out for a good lunch and a cappuccino and in the evening we all sat down and did a crossword together and played games by candlelight which was a good laugh, we  also discussed lots of plans for the future. So it wasn't too bad! But I do hope we don't have another for awhile.
Sarah x


  1. It wasn't all bad then Sarah. Sounds as though you some quality time with your family. These things sometimes have a way of turning out alright. Hope you didn't lose anything in your freezer x

  2. Hi Patricia
    Good to hear from you again and hope you are feeling better. Yes it was good to spend time with the family and unwind a little and all's well in the freezer now. Hope you have a good week. x


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